I will not say, ‘Do not weep,’ for not all tears are an evil.
-J.R.R. Tolkien

In Odin Sphere, a game very reminiscent of Tolkien’s stories, King Odin astutely tells the Inferno King something that always stayed with me: “No wise man would call himself ‘wise.’” And it’s true – wisdom is not something one is, nor even something one earns. Wisdom is a humble openness to learning, something we are given, often by way of many tears. Yes…sometimes an ocean’s worth.

The Gray Havens (LotR: Return of the King)

Whether these tears are bitter, sweet, empty, or inspiring depends very much on the weeper; personal temperament and opinion often colors what wisdom is found, and can often determine what lesson is learned (or isn’t learned, or refused to learn). It stands to reason, therefore, to not depend only on the wisdom one weeps him/herself; the very thing that makes us human makes solid, unchanging things like truth and wisdom fluid, like trying to catch and hold water in one’s own hands.

Along with my own writings, I’ll be putting together resources to hopefully help and heal anyone walking this life. May they only bring light for the road, a star to point the way.


A collection of books and online resources on abuse, healing, spirituality, etc.


The lives and stories of those who came before us; guardians and guides for the healing journey.


My own observations, lessons, and reflections on different aspects of the healing journey and of abuse.