A/N: I'm cycling through some anger and bitterness here again. If that doesn't sound like something you'd like to read, you can click away. You won't hurt my feelings. Today, I untethered myself from one of the last strong connections I had; my home parish. I pulled in last Sunday, thinking that maybe I actually… Continue reading proof


ivy (chains IV)

A/N: very small apology for the pun in the title lol; it really is the 4th "chains" entry! I was exchanging messages with my new friend last night, which brings to mind all kinds of feelings and thoughts...mostly good ones. After we bid each other goodnight, I went over to "talk" to the picture of Jesus I… Continue reading ivy (chains IV)


truth & love

"Quid est veritas? What is truth?" Pilate asked this first, when Jesus told him in perfect Latin, "Omnes qui veritatem audiunt, vocem meam audiunt. All who hear the truth hears my voice." (John 18:37-38) Pilate has always gotten a lot of flack, but I think most of modern society can relate with him and his question. He… Continue reading truth & love