by any other name

While I appreciate Shakespeare's original romantic-tragedy, I remember sharing at least once on this blog that I'm much more a fan of the anime adaptation, Romeo x Juliet. Part of the beauty of it, especially in the English dub, is the use of the Elizabethan language as well as those same lines from the original play, including… Continue reading by any other name


chains III

...I wrote something the other day that was very raw and in the moment. I'm debating whether or not I should use this to replace it, since I cover that whole thing in greater detail here. Probably won't; that has value, too. Maybe it'll be a stronger deterrent from suicide than this will be. Last week, when… Continue reading chains III


chains II

There was something that's been sticking in my mind from my last entry, that slip about how the Fourth Commandment ("honor thy parents") felt like a shackle. I made that comment before when I described the spiritual/religious abuse I suffered. I want to talk a little more about those spiritual shackles today, as I'm fairly… Continue reading chains II


dymphna & gerebran

When I first wrote this, St. Dymphna and St. Gerebran's feast day was overshadowed by another holy day (not unlike my saintly namesake, who has the misfortune of sharing her feast day with Christmas Day). Either way, though, these are two saints (especially Gerebran) who usually get overlooked and forgotten unless one has been effected… Continue reading dymphna & gerebran