Art Therapy


So, my online artist handle is "Walphish", which is a fictional word for "mermaid." All over my sketchbook are these drawings of myself as a mermaid, especially as I tried to overcome the many issues I have with my body. The original title to this piece was "mermaid dreams II,” as I already did something… Continue reading veiltail


identity III

A/N: This started as one article which I split into two; the second part will be posted very shortly. With the recent realizations I've had about my Identity, and the dignity that comes with it, I was able to look at my failed relationships in a different light. I realized what happened between me and… Continue reading identity III


crabs have claws

Abuse really does so much harm to one’s ability to see reality. I realized it again when I made that mistake, memories of mistakes leading to severe emotional abuse and grudges (leading to more emotional abuse for those things I said sorry for) flooding my mind. This is true for the immediate as well as… Continue reading crabs have claws