Journal, Recovery

flowerless flower

There was one day where my friend was telling me how great a person I was, and I just about begged him to stop. I’d get and give compliments in passing all the time, but to be earnestly told, eyes met, that I’m a good thing in this world makes something in me very uncomfortable.… Continue reading flowerless flower

Abuse, Recovery

the other woman

I remember one time, when we were all the car together (sans my big brother, away at college at the time). My mother was publicizing her displeasure with dad again, and threatened him with divorce in front of me, my sister, and little brother.  I can’t speak for them, but my reaction to that threat… Continue reading the other woman


revisiting anger

  "How did you grieve?" That's my one question I had for the speaker yesterday night. She shared her story of her daughter being kidnapped and murdered by this young man who would periodically call her to bait her, trick her, and frighten her, until he was finally caught. This old lady, even after so… Continue reading revisiting anger