red & white

One of my New Years resolutions was to get closer to my Japanese roots, particularly in how we celebrate holidays. Following New Year itself, the first on the list was St. Valentine's Day. As of some decades ago, when Western holidays grew in popularity in Japan, it's tradition for girls/women to give chocolate and other… Continue reading red & white

Art Therapy

crowned with love

I made this today, following my last journal. There was an image that came to mind, reflecting on what I wrote. That image resulted in this self-portrait: As I wrote on the art site I posted this on, "One of the things I've been thinking about is that everyone is made for love, and if… Continue reading crowned with love


identity II

First of all, let's acknowledge something: it's funny what God uses to teach us about life sometimes. As much as I liked Disney movies in the past (yup, we're doing this in a serious study), I still haven't gotten around to watching Moana. I have, however, watched some clips, including one that really left an impression on… Continue reading identity II