living out integrity

I had a thought recently that encompasses everything that’s been on my mind, between others who have hurt me, my abusers, my own victim-mentality, and the world in general. It all concerns that one word: integrity. Not long ago, I had to step out on a homily on the “terrible twos”, that challenging time in… Continue reading living out integrity


identity II

First of all, let's acknowledge something: it's funny what God uses to teach us about life sometimes. As much as I liked Disney movies in the past (yup, we're doing this in a serious study), I still haven't gotten around to watching Moana. I have, however, watched some clips, including one that really left an impression on… Continue reading identity II



I always had a strange relationship with my reflection. Ever since I was a very little girl, I'd have this existential crisis whenever I'd see my reflection: "Who is that in the mirror? Is she me? She can't be; if she is, then who am I?" My parents didn't understand. They decided to interpret it… Continue reading identity


facing the mirror

"You're fighting back, don't know what you've been thinking. A walking burden, can't you see you're sinking? Hiding in shadows, can you fight your demons? Can you face yourself?" Drowning (Nathan Sharp) So...I'm actually a long-time The Legend of Zelda fan. Maybe I'll write about it one day (maybe). For many reasons, Ocarina of Time was a big influence on… Continue reading facing the mirror