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You know the feeling, right? There’s someone in your life, and you think he/she is the bee’s knees. You look up to this person, and of course, you want him/her to look up to you, too. Then insecurity comes in. You look at yourself and your flaws. "There’s no way," you think. "I’m not _____… Continue reading enough

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disloyalty bind

I remember the first time my dad ever expressed jealousy towards someone else in my life. Sure, my mother did it all the time, openly and loudly, making me out to be some traitorous whore for connecting with someone outside the family. My dad didn’t, and when he finally did, it was very subtle. All… Continue reading disloyalty bind

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inner beliefs

My therapist gave me a topic to think about this week: the beliefs I have about myself, and how they hold me back in life. I’ve certainly gone over these beliefs little by little here, but hey; why not have them in one place? Some of these beliefs might be chained in your heart as… Continue reading inner beliefs


living out integrity

I had a thought recently that encompasses everything that’s been on my mind, between others who have hurt me, my abusers, my own victim-mentality, and the world in general. It all concerns that one word: integrity. Not long ago, I had to step out on a homily on the “terrible twos”, that challenging time in… Continue reading living out integrity


identity II

First of all, let's acknowledge something: it's funny what God uses to teach us about life sometimes. As much as I liked Disney movies in the past (yup, we're doing this in a serious study), I still haven't gotten around to watching Moana. I have, however, watched some clips, including one that really left an impression on… Continue reading identity II