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troubled night

So many thoughts and feelings trapped inside. Even if it's just a short, messy post, I figured I'd write today after all. I tried to write an entry a few times today about being pressured to forgive, how it comes across as a threat instead of something I "give". I'd get so self-destructive, as I… Continue reading troubled night


diving deeper

In hopes of growing more in wonder and affection for the ocean (and life itself), I’ve been watching a documentary called Fishpeople. It follows people from all over living, playing, and working in the water.  The first story follows a young woman and her father who would dive and fish together. Amidst the mesmerizing footage… Continue reading diving deeper


self forgiveness

I've been revisiting a book I keep on my shelf, When Faith Feels Fragile. Upon taking it up again, I remembered why I kept it in all my decluttering; the short, poignant chapters are easy to digest, and keep with you. I'm not sure if the speaker at today's work-at-home workshop had re-reading good books in mind… Continue reading self forgiveness