Abuse, Culture


A/N: As a small disclaimer, I want to remind/inform anyone reading this that I had female abusers as well as male ones, and therefore, I put equal scrutiny on both genders. I'm just giving attention to the male-related offenses here because of a very concerning trend in today's culture about what it means to be male,… Continue reading misandry

Art Therapy

crowned with love

I made this today, following my last journal. There was an image that came to mind, reflecting on what I wrote. That image resulted in this self-portrait: As I wrote on the art site I posted this on, "One of the things I've been thinking about is that everyone is made for love, and if… Continue reading crowned with love


winter fog

The books often cite one of the major signs of depression is a loss of interest in things that once interested the person in question. Even things he/she loved or were very passionate about turn into something gray and lifeless. I never really got that; my interests and passions were some of the things that… Continue reading winter fog


living out integrity

I had a thought recently that encompasses everything that’s been on my mind, between others who have hurt me, my abusers, my own victim-mentality, and the world in general. It all concerns that one word: integrity. Not long ago, I had to step out on a homily on the “terrible twos”, that challenging time in… Continue reading living out integrity