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safe secrets

One of the criticisms I've been hearing about the Church is the "culture of secrecy". I think it doesn't come as a surprise that I largely agree with this assessment. From the seal of the confession to the general attitude to "keep family business within the family", much harm has come from our need to… Continue reading safe secrets

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through darkness

There's so much I want to say. There's so much I want to do. Too much. I don't know where to start, or how to start. The topic is still fresh on people's minds; this is the best time to talk about abuse, the Church, etc. I could help a lot of people with what… Continue reading through darkness

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You know the feeling, right? There’s someone in your life, and you think he/she is the bee’s knees. You look up to this person, and of course, you want him/her to look up to you, too. Then insecurity comes in. You look at yourself and your flaws. "There’s no way," you think. "I’m not _____… Continue reading enough

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person or problem

I think everyone has met one of them. They are the people who think that if (certain) people would just die or disappear, the world would be a better place. They run from others’ suffering, do everything in their power to ignore them. When they’re not doing that, they spend many a breath on why… Continue reading person or problem

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connected hearts

I’m in a very strange position where I’ve been not only granted permission, but outright encouraged to complain. Heat stress struck again, leaving us down two people, myself included. It’s imperative for everyone involved that from now on, I speak up immediately, even if I "don't feel hot". This goes against many of my deeply-rooted… Continue reading connected hearts

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body & soul II

I recently had a small case of heat stress. These newer workstations aren't very well-equipped against the heat, even with the added shades. As the days get hotter, general workplace anxiety has been going up with the temperature. It was like last year when we learned about this fact the hard way, where I got… Continue reading body & soul II

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faith & love

I was very reluctant to go to Mass today. I almost stayed home, and without as good a reason as last Sunday. When I came to the church, sat down, my mind wandered. I read the readings, heard the homily, but didn't really take in whatever was said. I just ended up feeling like garbage… Continue reading faith & love