acceptance (grief)

This is just going to be another short one tonight, another little thought process. These two things sound so similar, and are often presented as the same thing by the way people tell me to "accept" (as I imagine some of you may feel). One of the last things on the 5 stages of grief… Continue reading acceptance (grief)


kyo (today)

This marks the second week since I more-or-less quit therapy. I had the thought to go today, if nothing else to find out what my counselor is saying in his not saying anything to my quitting. Part of me is concerned that I can't ever go back. Part of me wonders if he hates me… Continue reading kyo (today)


what is abuse?

Abuse. Now, that's a loaded word. It's a word some like to ignore/laugh off to avoid facing the pain it carries, or conversely, play the alarmist with to emotionally (over)charge something. I can understand; there's only so much darkness I can take in one sitting, though I do want this matter to be given the care and… Continue reading what is abuse?


ivy (chains IV)

A/N: very small apology for the pun in the title lol; it really is the 4th "chains" entry! I was exchanging messages with my new friend last night, which brings to mind all kinds of feelings and thoughts...mostly good ones. After we bid each other goodnight, I went over to "talk" to the picture of Jesus I… Continue reading ivy (chains IV)