acceptance (grief)

This is just going to be another short one tonight, another little thought process. These two things sound so similar, and are often presented as the same thing by the way people tell me to "accept" (as I imagine some of you may feel). One of the last things on the 5 stages of grief… Continue reading acceptance (grief)


identity II

First of all, let's acknowledge something: it's funny what God uses to teach us about life sometimes. As much as I liked Disney movies in the past (yup, we're doing this in a serious study), I still haven't gotten around to watching Moana. I have, however, watched some clips, including one that really left an impression on… Continue reading identity II



TW: This entry refers back to my suicide attempt last year as well as my past abuse. Autumn is only weeks away now, and thank God. After spring, autumn is my favorite season (with winter following very close after autumn, and summer in dead last due to the heat). The moment September started, I started… Continue reading anniversaries


climbing rose (chains V)

...I don't really want to write right now. I want to distract myself instead, though I know that'll lead to trouble later, as would hiding and isolating. Therefore...this might be my best option. I had the thought to talk about my new friend with my confessor, so I brought it up today when he was… Continue reading climbing rose (chains V)