diving deeper

In hopes of growing more in wonder and affection for the ocean (and life itself), I’ve been watching a documentary called Fishpeople. It follows people from all over living, playing, and working in the water.  The first story follows a young woman and her father who would dive and fish together. Amidst the mesmerizing footage… Continue reading diving deeper


self forgiveness

I've been revisiting a book I keep on my shelf, When Faith Feels Fragile. Upon taking it up again, I remembered why I kept it in all my decluttering; the short, poignant chapters are easy to digest, and keep with you. I'm not sure if the speaker at today's work-at-home workshop had re-reading good books in mind… Continue reading self forgiveness

Abuse, Spirituality

abuse: hidden heresy

I was browsing on social media when I came across a video of Pope Francis talking to a little boy named Emanuele. Little Emanuele’s dad died recently, and he wanted to ask the Holy Father if he was in heaven. His dad was an atheist, see, who nonetheless faithfully lived out his sacramental promise when… Continue reading abuse: hidden heresy