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flowerless flower

There was one day where my friend was telling me how great a person I was, and I just about begged him to stop. I’d get and give compliments in passing all the time, but to be earnestly told, eyes met, that I’m a good thing in this world makes something in me very uncomfortable.… Continue reading flowerless flower

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connected hearts

I’m in a very strange position where I’ve been not only granted permission, but outright encouraged to complain. Heat stress struck again, leaving us down two people, myself included. It’s imperative for everyone involved that from now on, I speak up immediately, even if I "don't feel hot". This goes against many of my deeply-rooted… Continue reading connected hearts

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(TW) I'm sure it's the topic of many people's nightmares: the door about to be broken in. Maybe you hear whatever's forcing its way in jiggling the handle, or slamming its weight against the creaking door. Just thinking about it would likely make anyone's heart start pounding (sorry...coming in strong here). I went from having… Continue reading floodgates

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body & soul II

I recently had a small case of heat stress. These newer workstations aren't very well-equipped against the heat, even with the added shades. As the days get hotter, general workplace anxiety has been going up with the temperature. It was like last year when we learned about this fact the hard way, where I got… Continue reading body & soul II

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better out than in

A friend recently convinced me to get on Instagram to help me build up my artist street cred. It’s been very helpful in getting me drawing again (thanks, friend!), and what’s more, there are a lot of things others have posted that make me very happy and inspired to look at. One running trend (maybe… Continue reading better out than in