survivor II

"I didn't think I'd live this long." I've had that thought a couple times, but it never sunk in as deeply as it did today. I also never shared it with anyone in person (though I feel like I've written about it, maybe here or elsewhere). The whole world is my oyster. The future is… Continue reading survivor II

Art Therapy

to lucas

When I recovered the memory of losing my pre-born son, I got these little baby shoes to remember him, to hold when the memory would come back. A friend had given me a little angel worry-stone that made me also think of him, so I wrapped it with the band connecting the shoes. I'd made… Continue reading to lucas


revisiting anger

  "How did you grieve?" That's my one question I had for the speaker yesterday night. She shared her story of her daughter being kidnapped and murdered by this young man who would periodically call her to bait her, trick her, and frighten her, until he was finally caught. This old lady, even after so… Continue reading revisiting anger