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A/N: As a small disclaimer, I want to remind/inform anyone reading this that I had female abusers as well as male ones, and therefore, I put equal scrutiny on both genders. I'm just giving attention to the male-related offenses here because of a very concerning trend in today's culture about what it means to be male,… Continue reading misandry

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made for love

"Why are we here?" Probably one of the oldest questions humanity has. So many people claim to have the answer, but do they really? My counselor would recite what the Church says; we're here because God wanted us, and our truest, deepest identity is how He sees us. I didn't really like that, because I… Continue reading made for love


crabs have claws

Abuse really does so much harm to one’s ability to see reality. I realized it again when I made that mistake, memories of mistakes leading to severe emotional abuse and grudges (leading to more emotional abuse for those things I said sorry for) flooding my mind. This is true for the immediate as well as… Continue reading crabs have claws

Art Therapy


The original draft of this piece was a comment on how some cases of child abuse get erased or ignored in favor of cases that are of a "high percentage", furthers someone's agenda, or are just plain unsightly. In light of #MeToo, I switched gears a little bit. The words here are only a scratch… Continue reading unsightly



TW: This entry refers back to my suicide attempt last year as well as my past abuse. Autumn is only weeks away now, and thank God. After spring, autumn is my favorite season (with winter following very close after autumn, and summer in dead last due to the heat). The moment September started, I started… Continue reading anniversaries

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re: trauma

If I were to sum up "trauma" in a word...I'd say "life-altering" is a pretty good one to use. It's something that causes great harm in whatever way the abuse entails, and maybe the worst harm is the harm done to the victim's perspective of reality. When I was growing up, I understood "trauma" from… Continue reading re: trauma