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better out than in

A friend recently convinced me to get on Instagram to help me build up my artist street cred. It’s been very helpful in getting me drawing again (thanks, friend!), and what’s more, there are a lot of things others have posted that make me very happy and inspired to look at. One running trend (maybe… Continue reading better out than in



It’s a strange thing when something dark shines a light for you. I just learned about something very dark: designer babies. It's when parent(s) have another child for the primary/sole purpose of being service dogs and/or living donors to a sick/disabled older sibling. One example was from a movie called My Sister's Keeper, where a little… Continue reading reaffirmed


living with emotions

I wrote in my foreword/about page that I'm a "textbook Cancer". While I don't place any faith in astrology or horoscopes, yes; my personality happens to closely parallel the profile for someone born under Cancer (sensitive, nurturing, and creative, close to the moon and sea). For a long time, I felt bad about this fun… Continue reading living with emotions


forgiving god

A/N: The line between "study" and "journal" is somewhat blurred here. I'm unsure where to put it as of now. I might edit out the overly emotional parts (i.e. the angry part) if need be, or replace this with a less emotional thought study. I'd appreciate any feedback on what I should do. I could… Continue reading forgiving god