The ocean, in all it’s beauty and wonder, is largely is still a secret – about 90% of it is too deep and dense for light to reach, and is inhabited by what I like to call “sea monsters”: very strange, often scary creatures that had adapted to live in such a cold, dark, crushing environment…

I tend to forget in my worse moments, but the fact is that we humans are beings with much limitation. There’s only so much we can take before we need to “resurface”: close the book, turn off the internet, and go be sad about life in a corner (please don’t do that, unless it’s cathartic for you or something lol). Then, if we’re brave enough, we can dive again to learn more of the mysteries hiding under the surface.


The Wisdom of Tears is a freelance online resource and journal on life, healing, abuse, and spirituality. It’s an open invitation to anyone who may want to learn more about abuse and the healing journey from it, whether because he/she is on that journey (and if not, wants to be), knows someone who is, or is in a position where such a person would be under his/her care: parents, teachers, counselors, clergy, a concerned friend or neighbor, etc.

TW: This blog isn’t all that safe for readers under a certain age, or anyone sensitive to things like abuse; it could be (re)traumatizing if that’s you. You might also happen to know me in person, and would rather not know this much about me. I’ll leave that to your judgement; be sure that you want to be here before going any deeper.

My aim here is definitely not to depress you, or garner any pity. I’m actually hoping I could give you something; affirmation, hope, insight…something good. This is important to me. If I could help people with what I’ve learned through all those hard experiences, I can live with the fact that I had them. :’)

If you’d like to follow along, my Archives page has all my posts from oldest to newest. Otherwise, feel free to navigate via the menu above. Thanks ❤

Creator Corner

me corner

Most people call me Ana. I’m currently the sole writer, editor, artist, etc. of The Wisdom of Tears. I didn’t go to school for any of this, except the “artist” bit (my focus was traditional and digital illustration <3). I did like to write though; while all of my journals are filled with doodles, I also wrote my way through my abuse, and onwards. It’s been quite a ride – thanks for coming with! ^_^

Oh, and I’m a huge geek.
And a textbook Cancer.
Many feels. Overflowing feels.