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holy family II

There are certain days on the liturgical calendar that makes me feel very apart from (and almost unwelcome) in the Church. One of them is today, the Feast of the Holy Family. The first reading detailed the requirements of the Old Testament of being a good son/daughter; to always honor and obey your parents, and… Continue reading holy family II

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love & peace

Not long ago, I was having a really bad panic attack at work. It was a crazy busy day, but my friend closed my lane, staying with me until I was okay to work again. I looked up at the traffic flooding into my coworker’s lane, and felt a familiar guilt. He told me not… Continue reading love & peace

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dear catholics

A/N: Yes...I'm finally sharing the piece I wrote for the diocesan newspaper. It went through a couple drafts, and this is the one I settled on. They may never print it, and that's fine - just so long as it reaches people. I titled this "dear catholics", but I write this to anyone who wants… Continue reading dear catholics

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good shepherd II

I did something today I didn't think I'd ever do. It all came up because I was thinking of how people have helped me out of my abuse. With these nightmares I have about my family (this last one being about my big brother and my sister forcibly taking me back with them), I thought… Continue reading good shepherd II

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faith & love

I was very reluctant to go to Mass today. I almost stayed home, and without as good a reason as last Sunday. When I came to the church, sat down, my mind wandered. I read the readings, heard the homily, but didn't really take in whatever was said. I just ended up feeling like garbage… Continue reading faith & love

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victim blaming & sin

It’s been a long while since Jesus shared a piece of His Heart with me at Mass. It was a part of His victimhood I didn’t really realize, or maybe appreciate, that we had in common. Mary and Joseph supported Him and the truths He revealed, see, but His extended family didn’t. The gospel today, Mark 2:20-30,… Continue reading victim blaming & sin