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A/N: I was going to write about my sister telling me that our mother is in the hospital, but I want to talk about this instead. Those feelings don't feel very coherent, while these do. I wrote that, in my experience, fathers either leave or turn bad (or both). In the Catholic Church at least (not… Continue reading foster



One of the things that makes the Easter Vigil special is the renewal of baptismal promises. After anyone who's being baptized is baptized, the celebrant invites the congregation to say "I do," to those promises made at baptism (love God, live in virtue, denounce the devil and his empty promises, etc). I wonder if anyone,… Continue reading renewed

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oppressed, but inspired

What happens to our human wills when we’re abused?  I wrote once that will and choice is "something no one can ever take from you, not even God", but is that true? What about the addict? What about someone with some other compulsive behavior? What about the slave? What about the abuse victim? Someone asked… Continue reading oppressed, but inspired

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detox & desire

So, Lent. It's the time to purify (or as I like to call it, "detox") oneself of anything slowing you down spiritually, and also therefore physically, mentally, and emotionally. This means giving up sweets for some. For others it means taking up more and/or different devotions. We get on the Prayer, Fasting, and Almsgiving program,… Continue reading detox & desire