Art Therapy

crowned with love

I made this today, following my last journal. There was an image that came to mind, reflecting on what I wrote. That image resulted in this self-portrait: As I wrote on the art site I posted this on, "One of the things I've been thinking about is that everyone is made for love, and if… Continue reading crowned with love

Art Therapy, Recovery


"Think of the most shameful or hopeless area in your life, past or present...For many of you, this will also be the very place God will equip you to administer healing to others." (Bob Schuchts, Be Healed). There are many books and movies out there where the hero learns that he/she is meant to save… Continue reading healer

Art Therapy


The original draft of this piece was a comment on how some cases of child abuse get erased or ignored in favor of cases that are of a "high percentage", furthers someone's agenda, or are just plain unsightly. In light of #MeToo, I switched gears a little bit. The words here are only a scratch… Continue reading unsightly