Abuse, Recovery

the other woman

I remember one time, when we were all the car together (sans my big brother, away at college at the time). My mother was publicizing her displeasure with dad again, and threatened him with divorce in front of me, my sister, and little brother.  I can’t speak for them, but my reaction to that threat… Continue reading the other woman

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abuse: hidden heresy

I was browsing on social media when I came across a video of Pope Francis talking to a little boy named Emanuele. Little Emanuele’s dad died recently, and he wanted to ask the Holy Father if he was in heaven. His dad was an atheist, see, who nonetheless faithfully lived out his sacramental promise when… Continue reading abuse: hidden heresy

Abuse, Recovery

healing from bad touch

I wonder how many people will relate with what I'm going to talk about here... Abuse or no abuse, I can't help but wonder, from all the crazy, messed up stuff in the world today, does anyone know what good touch is anymore? I think I mentioned how I was forced to give hugs and kisses… Continue reading healing from bad touch

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Every choice, no matter what it is, has a consequence. Choosing hatred has consequences. Choosing love and forgiveness has consequences. So does, of course, that choice. Abortion is a topic that sits very deep in me. It's like an undersea volcano; there's both incredible agony and anger associated with this very controversial topic. It's also a… Continue reading choice