Art Therapy


The original draft of this piece was a comment on how some cases of child abuse get erased or ignored in favor of cases that are of a “high percentage”, furthers someone’s agenda, or are just plain unsightly. In light of #MeToo, I switched gears a little bit.

me too
illustrated in photoshop

The words here are only a scratch on the surface of the things that haunt me, things I’ve been told in the face of my being victimized sexually, whether “just” harassment/covert abuse, or full-on overt abuse. I didn’t really have any preference on which ones made the drawing; these were just the ones that came up the easiest without having to dig any deeper.

Who are the ones standing in the foreground, looking down at me with judgement? They could be anyone, really. Anyone who didn’t believe, or worse, didn’t care.

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