update 8/4/17

How is it already August??

So! We have Art Therapy stuff here now! Hopefully it’s formatted in a way that’s functional practically and aesthetically. As I mentioned on my first post in my art spamming this is the first time I’m putting up art in a blog format opposed to an art site like deviantART. I posted most of what I have so far that I wanted to share here, but expect more in the future (pretty excited!) ^_^

On a more serious note, I guess…while I feel bad about some of the angry/sad posts I made, I am glad to be posting here again. I think I was too caught up with my feelings and what really probably were minor concerns. Oh well. Live and learn. At least it’s all in the “Journal” section where it’s stated to be primarily personal thoughts and feelings.

The way my day job’s schedule is set up now, official posts should show up on Sundays and/or Tuesdays. I’ll put it somewhere on the main page to help you follow along (if I can figure out where/how). Stay tuned!

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