Art Therapy

peaceful shore

I made this during my short stay in the mental ward, during “art therapy” time. We were brought into a little studio full of canvases and paints, and were told to get creative. To my embarrassment, I got a bit of attention – at least in the room, I was the only one with a background in art and painting. It wasn’t all bad, though; I added those dolphins in the background because one of them said she loved dolphins. That made her smile.

peaceful shore
acrylic paints on canvas

I wanted to paint a sort of safe place for myself, and while this isn’t quite that place, I love seascapes and the ocean. For a while, I put this in a place where it would be the last thing I see as I drift to sleep in hopes of inspiring good dreams.

A/N: Like with a lot of my physical paintings, the lighting from when I took a photo kind of made the colors suffer; sorry about that. I tried to fix it via Photoshop, so it is more or less accurate.

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