Art Therapy

but i love you

but i love you
painted in Photoshop

When I was posting these on dA, my abusers had a close eye on my updates. It’d gotten me in trouble more than once, when I hit a little too close to home. So, I illustrated with symbolism, and spoke in riddles:

Yellow roses have another meaning than apology and friendship; they can also mean jealousy, betrayal, heartbreak, and lovelessness.

“But I love you…”

One main abuser liked yellow roses, and they were often a gift for when I “provoked” her. Meanwhile, though my birth-month’s flower is the water lily and larkspur, my birthday flower is a white rose. Basically, this was our relationship.

A/N: Sorry to anyone who likes yellow roses, especially if they’re your favorite flower! Like other good things, my experiences left a very bitter taste for them, at least when I made this. Now, I don’t think them inherently bad, and have even come to see them in a more positive light when paired with red roses.

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