update 4/4/17

Hi everyone; it’s been a long while! Considering that April is Abuse Awareness Month, I figured I really ought to update, and let you know what’s been going on.

Life-wise, things have been very turbulent. Meanwhile, I have been writing up a storm behind the scenes with over 30 drafts in the works of topics I think are important to the healing journey. I’ve decided that I’m going to add my personal accounts as a witness to these things after all, though in a way that doesn’t distract – you may see posts from my journal back on here after all. On that note, I think the personal journal will focus solely on my abuse story with the details I won’t share here, and again, will be more private.

I’m determined to post at least one of my posts in the making by the end of this month, hopefully the one(s) I wanted to start this refurbished blog with: the About page, a post on the importance of compassion, and/or a revision of my old Foreword in a post, etc. We’ll see though.

Thanks for still following me if you are; I hope to update again soon! ❤

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