love: the gift the gift

Almost 2 weeks now, hasn’t it? And, again, quite a lot has happened.

For one thing…new computer! I put up an inquiry on social media asking what I should do about my laptop situation, and a friend not only offers advice, he offers a laptop in perfect working condition that he and his wife wasn’t using anymore! I have to say…it was quite a relief. I hadn’t a clue what I was going to do, but then this happens.

Friends really do surprise me, when I take time to reach out to them for help. It goes both ways of course, when reaching out to help them, though the surprise is more in regards of what I find out about myself in the action; what I thought was something I couldn’t do, something beyond my capacity, ends up being just what I do. Love truly is an amazing thing…if nothing else, I learn this more and more as the days go by. Love moves hearts, gives strength, and makes miracles happen.

When I gave my friend from work the completed scarf for St. Valentine’s, he surprised me by just how very happy he was to be given something I made. I thought he’d be happy, but not that happy. He hugged me three times, and even kissed my cheek. I really was surprised here, too, in that little kiss; I couldn’t stop smiling afterwards.

I’d had thoughts about what our first date would be like, our first “real” kiss… basically, what I should expect if/when things progressed into full-on romance. I never thought I’d experience anything so sweetly, purely, innocent. There was something almost childlike about it all, like we suddenly were little children (his stubble aside). It was honestly something I never thought I’d ever experience in my life. Makes me tear up a little, thinking about that little kiss; I can’t say if he knows it, but it was as good a gift to me as the scarf was for him.

When it happened, I told the few friends in the know about it; I felt so happy from how happy he was, the love that came from me to him to me (if that makes sense), I wanted to share the joy with those friends. Now that I have my new computer, I’m able to do the same for those of you still reading ^_^

This entry probably isn’t my best work; my time away from writing has made me a bit at a loss for words. I still wanted to write you all. I think I need to do more to set the tone for healing, not just express the gravity of the wounds in need of healing abuse inflicts. As it is…I’m more convinced than ever that before anyone can/should do anything, love is a must. Love has to be at the foundation of whatever help offered. This isn’t to say the feelings of love, like the ones I felt in his kiss, but just…genuinely wanting to help the other person. “Compassion”, I guess. From everything I experienced and witnessed, there is nothing more important than that. I’d like to express that, and soon.

I’m not sure how many of you are still following along here, so I hesitate to ask for feedback. All the same, while I touched on topics here, and have an idea of what is more important to shine more light on to the general public in terms of healing from abuse. If anything comes in mind, be sure to say so, please.

Hoping to write again soon ❤

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