update 2/8/17

Hi those of you still reading.

A lot of things have been happening that leaves me with little time to write about it, as much as I want to. The biggest thing, though, that prevents me from doing precisely that is this: I recently went to the Apple Store to finally see why my laptop crashes so often. It’s been doing that for about a year now, ever since I updated. Turns out it’s been doing that because the motherboard is damaged…and since my laptop is 7+ years old, it would cost more to have it repaired than buying a new one.


So that’s happening.

I’m trying to use it less to stay safe, and will be looking into a replacement soon. Not sure when I can afford a new laptop, but I think I don’t have much choice anymore. I don’t like buying new tech, and I don’t plan on getting anything fancy. Still, it’s sure to cost a pretty penny.

I do want to keep writing though, so while I want to keep adding drawings and editing to my past/present posts, that’ll have to largely be put on hold until I can see what I should do. In the meantime, I wanted to let you know what’s been keeping me quiet lately.

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