new journal

Hi guys. ^^ As you probably realized by now, I moved my more personal journal to another blog. I’m still cleaning up some things, rewriting some things, but I figured I might as well just invite you over to keep reading, update your follows if you want, etc. I originally had the link in this post, but as I want to start building this more public healing blog, contact me if you want to keep following my personal story.

You also might’ve noticed that all of my published posts were taken down on this blog. Don’t be alarmed; they’re all over at the new journal. Sadly, I think some of your lovely comments didn’t carry over, so if you want, you can comment on whichever one you want to.

I’m not sure if this is the kind of format I’ll stick with for this blog, as I want it to be an organized healing resource, so please “pardon the dust”. Looking forward to keep walking this journey with you ❤

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