The Wisdom of Tears is a healing journal on life, recovery, and growth. My hopes in sharing my personal healing journey is that I could help bring awareness to mental health and abuse, as well as provide some hope, affirmation, and insight from what I’ve learned since then.

Please note: this blog is not always safe for readers under a certain age, or those sensitive to trauma. If you still want to read on, be sure to do so at your best judgement. There’s no shame in taking time and care for yourself. ❤

The Archives has all my journal entries from newest to oldest if you want to journey with me step by step, or you could read My Story if you want to learn more about where I’m coming from. Otherwise, feel free to navigate via the menu or search bar. Peace!

About Me


A. Chevalier the writer, editor, & designer of The Wisdom of Tears. I read, draw, write, and yes, cry my way through life, through the good and bad. It’s been quite the journey, so thanks for coming with!