The Wisdom of Tears is an online resource and journal on life, abuse, spirituality, and healing. 

My deepest hope for this blog is that, in sharing my personal healing journey, I could give something good to the world: hope, affirmation, healing, and insight. If I could help others with what I’ve learned through all those hard experiences, I can live with the fact that I had them. :’)


It’s also an open invitation to anyone who may want to learn more about abuse and the healing journey from it.  Maybe you’re on that journey (or if not, want to be). Maybe you know someone else who is. Maybe you’re in a position where such a person would be under your care (a parent, a teacher, a counselor, a member of clergy, a concerned friend/neighbor, etc). If so, this blog is for you.

I must warn you though: This blog is not always safe for readers under a certain age, nor for those sensitive to certain topics. You may also just know me in person, and may not want to know me to this depth (understandable; the feeling might be mutual).

While my experiences don’t define me, they are a part of my healing journey; one can’t heal from wounds she doesn’t have. All the same, the last thing I want to do is (re)traumatize anyone with what I went through, which does include: child sexual abuse, emotional/psychological abuse, religious abuseabusive enablement, self-harm, depressionsuicidal ideation, etc.

If that’s you, and you still want to read on, be sure to do so at your best judgement. Make sure to take breaks if you need, and to take care of yourself. There’s no shame in tears, and no shame in taking care of yourself. ❤

That all being said, my Archives page has all my posts from oldest to newest if you’d like to journey with me from start to finish. Otherwise, feel free to navigate via the menu above~

Creator Corner

me corner

Most people call me Ana, though I also go by Walphish. I’m (currently) the sole writer, editor, illustrator, web/graphic designer etc. of The Wisdom of Tears. While I didn’t go to school for most of this, I read, drew, wrote, and yes, cried my way through life, the good as well as the bad. It’s been quite the journey, so thanks for coming with. ^_^

Oh, and I’m a huge geek.
And a textbook Cancer.
Many feels. Overflowing feels.